Well hello there,
You're in for a ride

I'm a student who likes to program, write short stories and also play a lot of games - as well as writing very specific reviews.

As my main selling point is probably my ability to program, I've compiled a quick progress bar showing my progress in various programming languages. Currently, I have a lot of free time on my hands so I intend on using it by developing my C++ skills as well as learning Java.

But if programming isn't the reason why you came here, you need to dig around on the discord server until you find what you're lookign for. Good luck out there soldier.

Python Intermediate
C++ Intermediate
C# Basic

My Hobbies


I can fluently program currently in only a few languages, but in the near future I hope that more will come.


I enjoy writing some very questionable reviews for myself and up to this point my friends.

Story Writing

I really enjoy writing short stories, especially about dark fantasy - it's just interesting